Grading the Latest “Giants Inbox”

Here’s the latest inbox where Giants fans write to beat writer Chris Haft from and he takes the time to answer their questions. It is telling that there is a blog post about a Q & A session, and that telling sign is “it must be December/January,” and right you would be because there isn’t a whole lot to write about these days. I mean, I can only write about the Dodgers and their hyper-spending so much.

In this post, I will grade the questions and answers. Most of these questions have the scent of “I don’t live on the internet” which makes me question what I do for a living, and realize how cold this basement is. I’ll try to be nice, and I’ll try to troll, but here it goes:

Question #1: “I am a big fan of the job John Barr is doing, so it irks me to read consistently about how bad the Giants’ Minor League system is. I feel like our players are underrated. I see Gary Brown, Chris Stratton and Kyle Crick being talked about, but the feeling is that the organization has little else to offer. This notion upsets me when I see that great players like Shawn Payne, Clayton Blackburn, Joe Panik and Chris Heston are never mentioned, despite consistent success. My question: Is the Giants’ Minor League system as bad as the “experts” make it out to be?”

Grade: C-. Extra credit like Haft says to knowing the Giants personnel and Giants prospects, but major points docked for whining about the farm in a way that smells like big-time-east-coast-bias-everyone-hates-me. Even if this is an underrated system, it’s still lacking in depth and high-impact talent, mostly because it has graduated to the MLB level (but it also could be on the way).

Haft’s response (see the article, please): B-. Never really addresses the question that the current system is underrated, just talks about the big names it’s snot-rocketed out, although does hit the depth aspect.

Question #2: “Can pitching coach Dave Righetti and bullpen coach Mark Gardner turn Jonathan Sanchez into a successful reliever?”

Grade: B+. I really like this question and was very much interested in Haft’s response to it, but my only bias here is that I’m tired of Jonathan Sanchez and I’m imagining him walk everybody.

Haft’s response: A-. If he’d included “LOL Jonathan Sanchez” at the beginning of his response, it’d have got him the A.

Question #3: “I see Andres Torres is available as a free agent. He’s a fan favorite, a switch-hitter and can play all three outfield positions. Would the Giants be willing to bring him back to platoon in left field with Gregor Blanco? I really don’t see anyone giving Torres a starting spot or paying starter money.”

Grade: C+. Good observations, but we’ve been over this before with Andres Torres. C’mon dude, don’t you live on the internet?

Haft’s response: A. We’ve been over this before.

Question #4: “Why haven’t I heard more on a potential Michael Morse-to-the-Giants deal? The Nationals are looking for bullpen help, so the Giants could send a package of Heath Hembree, Santiago Casilla and another prospect for Morse. Morse would look good in the middle of the Giants’ lineup and can play a corner-outfield spot plus first base.”

Grade: D-. This is where you get your laughs in. Go ahead, I’ll wait. The Nationals are not the Marlins — they’re not going to take two relievers (and a prospect but whatever) for a regular everyday guy like Morse. I understand it’s one year of control, but in all seriousness, the price tag is going to be a little higher than a few relievers. I really wanted to flunk this question, but addressing needs of OF and bullpen, I have to give him some credit. Playing armchair GM is a dangerous game and can really set you up for being laughed at. For instance, this instance.

Haft’s response: A-. Didn’t laugh at this guy’s offer for Morse.

The comments section provide an equal amount of laughs and giggles. Just be careful you don’t get sucked in.


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