Hooray, Baseball Stuff to Read

I can’t believe people come to this site when I don’t post stuff. Awfully nice of the good people of the world, although I’m not sure I want to know how some people get to my site, because some people are just looking for some odd things ([player name] shirtless pic, etc.).



If you’ve been taking part in the reading of my blog from early on, through site visits let me show you how far we’ve come:

Screen shot 2012-12-28 at 9.58.37 AM

January of this year was very much my first “Big Break” with the Chronicling of the SaberBoy movement, but after that, people slowly spread my work out there, and I certainly owe a big thanks to everyone behind the keyboards that were intentionally or unintentionally helping my cause. Having 13,000 views in a 12 month period for someone really in his first year of blogging in my opinion for someone with really no connections inside the game was fantastic, though the success the Giants had was undoubtedly a large part of the growth that came with the growth in viewership. Alright, enough about me.

Today happened to be “hey, let’s release good stuff” day, so let’s get that to you:

Sam Miller uses FOX’s scouting reports to help his definitely real-life baseball team

T.J. Quinn from ESPN doesn’t mail in his ballot, and for what I believe to be good reason

Ken Rosenthal discusses his ballot, and while you may not agree with all of it, at least he shares his rationale

And in a side note, Takashi Saito will be with the Rakuten Eagles in Japan


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