Keeping Up with the HOF: Basics Part 1 of 1

Around this time of year, hall of fame ballots are coming out, players are being debated about, and people are spitting out numbers left and right mostly over the players they have become more passionate about. Sure, you’ll run into the fan that can give you the goods on first-ballot names that won’t even meet the required count to stay on the ballot, but don’t worry about that if you don’t wanna. This is a gateway to two resources that will make you a more educated fan, whether you want to debate that obnoxious baseball fan at the next holiday gathering, or you’re just curious as to how the numbers measure up and who may be on their way in.

  • Jay Jaffe’s JAWS calculations and all the other metrics you grew up loving that are sortable! (I have it linked to catchers, but you can change it to other positions!) Hate WAR but love doubles? You can sort by the doobuls. Curious about how ERA+ measures up your favorite old-time pitcher? Knock yourself out. Don’t know what stats are what? Putting your cursor over the sortable stat column will get a balloon with text inside giving you an introduction to the stat. 
  • LeoKitty’s spreadsheet with every ballot sent in thus far recorded for you on GoogleDocs. This will give you some insight as to whom the people have been voting for and players they have not. There are plenty of intriguing names that can be voted for at the moment, so this will certainly be interesting going forward.

If you can get a hold of these two resources — and I admittedly have not, because there are so many players to look through — you will get to be the new baseball junkie in the crowd! You’ll love it! Promise!


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