$280MM/Year for Dodgers, and Why I Can’t Sneak Away

The big (but somewhat expected) news that came before anybody on the West Coast was awake was that a new Regional Sports Network is to be had, and it will have shades of Dodger Blue in it. This deal between Time Warner and the Dodgers will be huge at $7B or $280MM/year for twenty-five years beginning in 2014. As the article notes, the 2013 season will stay on Prime Ticket where you can continue to listen to the superb analysis of guys like MLB The Show 13 voice contributor Steve Lyons (seriously there was nobody else?). Getting back to money, the Dodgers have $220MM committed to this year alone, and $172MM in 2014, per Baseball Prospectus and Cots. Unless they have big plans to build another Dodger Stadium somewhere else, this TV money is going to bring in plenty more stars to LA.

Baseball Prospectus also released their Top 10 Dodgers prospects today, so there’s that to look at as well.

Lastly, if you’re new to the blog, I’m living down in Dodger/Angels territory so I don’t get to sneak away to AT&T, or a minor league ballpark all that much. This year, I was hoping I might be able to get some access to some Major League pressbox to get some more professional writing experience on days that might be a little more poorly attended by fans and writers alike. Those days, I figured, would be those get-away weekday afternoon games. They could also be games against cellar-dweller teams, but my wife really really likes spending time together at home, so if I go to 12:45PM game, I’m still home well in time to enjoy her company. The bad news of the matter is that between the Dodgers and Angels, there are only three such games (Dodgers 1, Angels 2). Maybe that’s just the market, so I checked out other schedules to see if that was the case — Yankees 5, Padres 5, DBacks 6, Giants 11, Tigers 12, Cubs 19 (although the Cubbies games are at 1:20PM). This may be something that is not unusual for the LA markets, and very much could be me just catching on to the trend of the teams deciding they would rather have their games at night so the people of the region can come home to a game. Still, three games seems a little too few for me, so maybe I’ll have to sneak out to play on other nights.


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