If I had my own walk-up music

I will never make it to the big leagues, pretty certain about that. I will probably also never play at a level competitive or awesome enough to where a stadium announces my name and plays walk-up music for me, but that can’t stop me from living a dream and imagining I’ll have some walk up music of my own. I’ve given myself four options for walk-up tunes, all options that I’d say the majority of the public is probably either tired of, or hates, but my taste in classic music is up to me, why should I let other people tell me what I walk up to? So here are four songs I enjoy for different reasons, that would relax me for my at bats and get me to just have a good time out on the field.

1. This all-timer:

Some of you may be thinking “so he’s going to dance to the batter’s box?” No, in fact I’d be doing the dance of the guy in the elevator in the batter’s box. Favorite part.

2. This overlooked shortie:

Not sure how you can’t love this, but I’ve loved this since it came out. I actually use the tune to make incomprehensible sentences about my cats.

3. I think pop radio plays this a lot:

It’s really only for the eyyyyaAAAYYYaaAYY part, that’s all I hear when I listen to the song, and probably all I’ve listened to.

4. Oldie, but a goodie:

This one has value only because my wife, when it first came out, said she really didn’t like this song. So you know how when someone says that or tells you not to do something you do the opposite? That’s the story behind this gem.

Just as people sent me requests to read their HoF ballots, I would love to see people’s walk-up music, because discovering (or rediscovering) good music is always a good time. Dale. Sorry, too much Pitbull.


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