#SFGiants 2013 Promotions Announced

Go to the Giants site here to check out the full list of promos and giveaways that will happen this year. The Giants also do cultural heritage nights and gatherings for other causes, and I imagine those will be announced at a later time. Until then, we’re left to discuss what is out there, so here are my highlights for each month of the regular season:


Sunday, the 21st: World Champions Banner — cover the back of your car with this banner so you can’t see out of your rear-view mirror as you rub it in to all your other friends that 1) you went to the game and got the banner and 2) this banner means you’re the biggest Giants fan of ’em all.


Sunday, the 26th: Barry Zito Bobblehead — The Giants have a good problem to worry about constructing it to honor his NLCS Game 5 start, or his World Series Game 1 start. Or they’ll show him playing a guitar made of money, or him cooking a cash omelette.


Saturday, the 22nd: Ryan Vogelsong Bobblehead — You will start to crave enchiladas and you won’t want to talk to anyone for the 24 hour period before your next game/presentation after you look into its eyes.


Saturday, the 6th: Drawstring Backpacks — You need to take up the space in your house with this item you’ll use on the day of the game only.


Saturday, the 25th: Tim Lincecum Gnome — Add more to your gnome collection with this Giant who might or might not see his last year in a Giants uniform!


Saturday, the 7th: Orange Sombrero — Make sure you’re in the first row of your section for this game.


Every playoff home game: Orange Rally Towel — Season ticket holders stoked that they get to keep using eBay.

* — assumes Giants make playoffs, which they might not.

Missing Promotions

  • Giveaway Panda Hats
  • Giveaway Giraffe Hats
  • Giveaway Horse Hats
  • Giveaway White Shark Hats
  • Giveaway Praying Mantis Hats
  • Jeremy Affeldt Cooking Set
  • Matt Cain Putter for Kids
  • Beard-Shaving Kits
  • Replica of the 2012 World Series Trophy

Got a feeling the Giants are going to sell out every game this season again. Bold prediction, I know.


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