Arbitration Years Bought Out, Sergio Romo Signs Two-Year Deal with #SFGiants

Before today, Sergio Romo had two more arbitration years left, and though being separated by nearly $2MM when each side filed their numbers for salary arbitration, the Giants and Romo were able to knock out those last two arbitration years. The deal is reportedly for $9MM — $3.5MM in 2013, and $5.5MM in 2014. Romo made $1.575MM in 2012. I have the Giants 2013 salary commitments at $137,574,999.66 as of this moment.

Giants fans have been wary of Romo — not because of anything that’s happened in Vegas — with his knees and elbow possibly becoming an issue to his performance, and while the peripherals suggest his 2011 bested his 2012, those body parts didn’t do much to stop him from dominating this year, and in both sets of playoff runs he’s been a part of. Romo has posted four consecutive seasons of double-digit K/9, two straight sub 2 BB/9 marks, although in 2012 he saw his highest home run per fly ball percentage at 12.2, although the 5 he allowed in 2012 is not the most HR he’s allowed in a season (6, 2010).

I know the video said Romo looks to be the closer for the start of 2013, but I do wonder how that will be handled by the coaching staff and front office, who haven’t released reports of the removal of Romo’s “handle with care” sticker, although I do agree he is their best pitcher for the highest leverage situations. We’ll see what happens, as Sergio Romo has only pitched over 55.1 IP in a regular season once.


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