FanFest/LinceFest: Video, GIFs, Tweets

Lots happened this weekend in Giants news before they headed out to Scottsdale, but we really only spent time talking about Tim Lincecum because we’re a society obsessed with image. I’m obsessed with my image and you know what, it got me married, so it ain’t all bad (or maybe…). Here’s what we discovered:

Tim got a haircut and he’s OK with it!

Pablo still loves everybody

Everybody loves FanFest, and the cameras at FanFest

Impersonations are always fine if everybody can do it

And maybe… just maybe…

Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey actually do like each other

I hope this blog post didn’t make your computer crash. I’m new to doing all this in one blog post, so we’ll try this out now before the regular season begins.

Lastly, a great photo from San Diego’s FanFest

Baseball’s comin’ back, everybody.


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