A Guide to a Kruk and Kuip and Jon and Dave Drinking Game

There are days when you need a drink. There are days when baseball becomes something you don’t want to watch. Then there are days when you need a drink. Lucky for you, if you listen to the Giants broadcast, I have a guide for you to consume liquids when they say certain things. Now, I must make clear that this does not have to only be for “drinking” drinking, but staying hydrated is also very important, especially in the summer time! Never consume more than your body can handle, the baseball season is long, and you want to make sure you see every moment. You want to make sure you:

Annoyingly catchy, that video.

You need to decide how much in liquids you want to consume during this game, because this can either go quickly, or it can go slowly. Here are some ideas for things to listen for from our lovely broadcasters:

  • Mike Krukow says something along the lines of “he doesn’t have to give in to the hitter, he has an open base”
  • Krukow does the rolling “r” in the “Coors Light: The World’s Most. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrefresing be-yer”
  • Any broadcaster puts noticeably heavy emphasis on the second syllable on a last name that may find its origins from Mexico, Central America, or South America (e.g., “Bel-TRAHN”)
  • Duane Kuiper’s career HR total is discussed
  • Jon Miller says a phrase/whole sentence in a language other than English
  • The phrase “Grab some pine, meat” is used (used less these days, I feel, so not as common as before)
  • Cal Poly (“The Harvard of the West”) or Stanford are brought up
  • Duane Kuiper does a HR call for a Giant
  • Mike Krukow says something like “it looks good from HE-yer”
  • A Giants player or coach’s name is nicknamed (e.g., “Rags,” “Boch,” “Cainer”)
  • Game is classified as a “must-win”
  • “Did good” phrase is used

Any of these words:

  • Horselaugh
  • Gamer
  • Gamerbabe
  • Sweetspot
  • Splash Hit
  • LOOKout
  • Big Boy
  • “TWO!” — Jon Miller double play call only for the Giants on defense

Some words you should avoid for a drinking game for any baseball game:

  • Strike
  • Hitter
  • Pitcher
  • Coach
  • Ground Ball
  • Fly Ball
  • Inning

I’m sure I will get very worthy suggestions of things that should be put up, but this is only a guide, for those days when you want to mix things up. Baseball’s almost back, people, and it’s exciting. Catch the fever.


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