Baseball and the wait for Opening Day begin for #SFGiants

Lineup for today’s games are starting to be posted all around the league, which is a very exciting thing because that means baseball is really back. However, for the people that will be at games today, you hope that they’re there for the love of the game or to check out minor league competition because some of these lineups either a) will make you want your money back if you came to see MLB talent or b) most of the regulars will only play a couple innings to begin the spring session. For example, the Angels lineup for today:

How many of those names do you know? Yea, me, too. (You may also notice the absence of a certain former Marlin.) The Angels are playing a split squad today, but none of those “big three” stars in their other lineup, as many teams will want to ease their regulars back into the swing of things. You have a month to do it, and then a 162 game schedule, what’s the rush? For those curious, what the Giants will throw out there first:

With the Giants sending so many guys to the WBC, they have consistently made commitments to wanting the guys they send off being in competition shape. Ryan Vogelsong, as you may have heard, is the pitcher today. It’s a long Spring Training, so take it easy on the lineup construction and the playing time as well.

The Rotation Appears to be Set

Bochy yesterday talked about his rotation, and here’s what he threw out as the tentative starting five:

1. RHP Matt Cain

2. LHP Madison Bumgarner

3. RHP Tim Lincecum

4. LHP Barry Zito

5. RHP Ryan Vogelsong

This of course means that Lincecum would pitch in the opening series in Los Angeles, and Zito would pitch the home opener against the Cardinals. I’d much rather have Vogey as the 3, Timmy 4, Zito 5, but the rotation doesn’t have to be set in stone, and if Lincecum is back and Zito is better, Vogelsong is going to be one helluva #5.

If You’re Fat, Can You be Good?

Pablo Sandoval and Hector Sanchez have reported to camp at a weight that management has deemed as too high for their likings, and they’re being put through extra conditioning, but with Sandoval getting good reports from his batting sessions, I wonder when the Giants will just throw up their hands and take what he gives them. I am personally more in favor of him being in shape, as past odd numbered years were evidence of some of the things he could do when slimmer.

The Week Ahead (All Games at 12:05PM PST)

Today: Angels

Sunday: Cubs

Monday: White Sox

Tuesday: Dodgers

Wednesday: Angels

Thursday: Mariners

Friday: A’s

Next Saturday: Cubs, Royals


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