With loss to Mexico, Team USA will have to pour it on this weekend

Italy 2-0, Mexico 1-1, USA 0-1, Canada 0-1. Tomorrow, it’ll be Italia and the US while Mexico and Canada will square off. As of right now, the run differential is Italy +11, Mexico +2, USA -3, and Canada -10. That’s only important if there’s the three-way tie for first I think there will be — yes, I think the US will beat Italy tomorrow behind an excellent Ryan Vogelsong and the US will take care of a weaker Canada squad.

Mexico came at R.A. Dickey, whose knuckleball was spinning more than he probably wanted it do, thus making it not dance as much as it has in the past regular seasons, resulting in Mexico mashing. Yovani Gallardo was fooling the USA batters, and saw themselves just going out 1-2-3 for the first third of the game. The bullpen of Mexico barely budged, giving up a couple of dead ducks, and Sergio Romo goes 13 pitches and Mexico pretty much avoided elimination.

Adrian Gonzalez this WBC has been nothing short of amazing, posting a near 90% OBP, including a monster 2-R HR to RCF to put Mexico on top 4-0. The Los Angeles Dodgers with Gonzalez and Luis Cruz played a part in all five runs for Mexico tonight, which should make Dodger fans very pleased. Mexico will play Canada tomorrow at 11:30AM PST.

While Joe Torre‘s lineup construction was a talking point amongst twitter folk tonight, there is still enough power and contact within the lineup to do damage in a nine-inning game. If the US can mercy Canada like Italy did, and can IF they can punish Italy, which I’m not positive they can, this loss tonight will just be a learning moment for this team. Ultimately, I think the USA will still pull it out because of the talent they have on that roster, though they should consider tomorrow a “must-win” as they go in to face Pool D leader Italy at 6PM PST.


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