The Mexico-Canada brawl with so many animated shorts is being horrible in allowing me to re-watch today’s Mexico-Canada broadcast, so I have to rely on articles from Deadspin and MLBAM embedded video clips, which is fine, but the original broadcast on MLB Network had the best views, in my opinion. To give you some background on this game, this matchup was getting a little chippy early, more through actions than in words until the 9th inning. Team Canada catcher Chris Robinson had a couple of aggressive slides into 2nd base to break up a double play, the second of which he had his right spike pretty high up in the air. Karim Garcia from Team Mexico had a collision with Craig Robinson at the plate, but to be fair to Mr. Garcia, Robinson was very much in his running lane. Fast forward to the 9th inning, and Craig Robinson, who was clearly on Mexico’s good side, laid down a bunt hit.


What you’ll notice is Mexico 3B Luis Cruz takes exception to this move, and makes what appears to be an order to the pitcher to hit the next batter in the ribs.

The full video of the bunt + ordering is below.

Then it begins to go down with the pitch

then the benches clear

then we find someone to dance with

then Larry Walker calms down Alfredo Aceves, whom he said he thought he could “see Satan in his eyes”

which makes me wonder what’s in Sergio Romo‘s eyes

That’s scarier than any look my wife has ever given me, I’ll tell you that much. Credit Larry Walker with trying to keep some peace, as apparently he told Adrian Gonzalez to stay back because “you’re too important to this game to get hurt in this.”

You’ll notice that someone threw a water bottle that hit the Canadian pitching coach

…and Cale Iorg threw it back in the direction he thought it came from, which might not have been where it actually came from

Probably not going to help his cause going forward.

The Canadian coach commented on what he thought was the reason for the brawl was:

My take:

Yes, I was too lazy to repeat what I put in a tweet. Really though, is it so hard to be grown ups? I know I’m probably in the minority on at least this part, but just because one thing happened to you doesn’t mean you have to sink to their level and possibly make things worse. No suspensions have been announced yet, and there is a possibility it could affect the regular season playing time of some major leaguers that were involved in this incident.


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