Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean: Forever Extended


Bruce Bochy has been with the Giants since 2007 entering his age 52 season after his stint with the San Diego Padres, and over the last four seasons, has helped lead the team to a winning record, and in the two World Series seasons, the Giants had more than 90 wins, enough to win the NL West. While he has never won the NL Manager of the Year award as a Giant, he does have two championship rings ready to show off, and will matchup you to death late in a game.

Brian Sabean has been the Giants GM since 1997, so that’s back in the Candlestick days, the Barry Bonds days, and the in between-World Series days. Many other players besides Bonds would play for Sabean’s Giants in between 1997 and now, that is a fact I wanted to make sure I relayed.

That’s if the option isn’t picked up, if it is, that’s a whole 20 years of Giants baseball, so It’s no wonder why people my age only know what baseball in the Bay is like with Brian. While it’s fun to poke at Sabean because of his knack for signing veterans, watching some of his moves work in a regular season and a set of short series has seen the criticism go down about his moves, and instead turn to his use of a Motorola RAZR.

I don’t really have any strong baseball/personal opinions against either of these two gentlemen, and while the Buster Posey extension is more important to a lot of other people, these extensions were pretty important to get done before the season as well. Let the gentlemen be rewarded for their work of two world championships, and ensure that you have a not-horrible field manager, and someone that has been drafting more successfully of late locked down for at least three years.


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