Highlights: What I Liked from the Second Opening Day

While I was workin on the railroad all the live-long day (or like, about a third of it), MLB was celebrating its second of three Opening Day, and things were happening. Baseball things. I didn’t get to watch the team I support most play its game, but they’ll have 161 games left that I might get to watch in parts or in its entirety, so it’s not all that bad. If it seems like I’m biased towards good pitching and home runs, and Buster Posey, well… you’d be right.

We’ll start off with Bryce Harper hitting multiple dingers against the Marlins

Really, this kid is so incredibly good. He is someone that has brought himself into the game so young, baseball enthusiasts will talk about this kid for years to come, no matter what happens with his career.

Justin Upton begins his Atlanta tenure with a bang

Did I mention I have him tabbed to be my NL MVP this year?

Collin Cowgill had an Opening Day salami

Gave the projected bottom-half of the division Mets beat the projected bottom-half of the division Padres

Speaking of not projecting to win, the Chicago Cubs had a huge blast from Anthony Rizzo

I wanted to link more from this game and the other Chicago game, but nothing else was embeddable 😦

Give credit where credit is due, Clayton Kershaw kept the Giants bats quiet, and his complete game shutout of the Champs reminded everybody that he never minds squaring off against his NorCal rivals, and if you can keep an open mind if you’re a Giants fan, he is an amazing pitcher to watch

Also, Kershaw said he didn’t want to discuss a contract extension during the season, and it sure didn’t get done, so how will that affect his price tag going forward? To those yelling that it won’t matter, we don’t know it can’t keep them from getting a decent set-up reliever in the future.

Baseball has only had one walk-off this season, and it comes courtesy of the Milwaukee Brewers

Too bad I couldn’t embed Dexter Fowler‘s game-tying homer vs. John Axford. I’ll just link you.

MLB’s being a little slow to embed a lot of different videos, so hopefully they’ll speed that up in the future, because who doesn’t like embedding stuff to their website to generate site hits let people watch over and over!

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