Cardinals will have to get comfortable, and today’s lineup

A little less than two years ago, the Giants were still celebrating their first World Series Championship in San Francisco. The bandwagon was full, the sellouts were in the middle of its current run, and the Giants played five games on the road before they came to meet up with the Cardinals at the AT&T spot. When they met up, the Giants raised a flag (video below), but the Cardinals had the pleasure of sitting in their dugout watching the madness unfold after the lineups were announced, and the national anthem performed.

Some of them had seen something like this after they’d won in 2006, but watching another team do this couldn’t have been all that fun. But maybe the Giants inspired the Cardinals or something because the Cards would win it in 2011, so you’re welcome, St. Louis, I’ll take your 3-1 collapse as your thank you card.

Now, the Giants, after taking the last two of three from the Los Angeles Dodgers in Southern California, return home for a 1:35PM PST start against the St. Louis Cardinals, their 2012 NLCS opponent whom they overtook. For a review of the weekend’s activities including some game highlights from the last time the Cardinals were in town after a Giants WS victory:

Hope the Cardinals brought their comfy chairs because there’s going to be some flag raising, and some ring presenting at the very least this weekend.

So begins another weekend of celebration, and remembering of such a different journey to the Championship in the 2012 season than was had in 2010, and look who’s in town to watch the madness unfold again: the St. Louis Cardinals. While this weekend will feature no Aaron Rowand, no Cody Ross, no Jonathan Sanchez, and no Nate Schierholtz, it will probably still feature plenty of Willie Mays, Duane Kuiper, Mike Krukow, Buster Posey, and Sergio Romo, to name a few. So sit back, and get ready for a weekend that’s sure to get a little dusty.


Today’s lineup for the Giants as they square off against the Cardinals:

Brandon Belt, who had been battling the a stomach virus while in Los Angeles, is now back in the lineup. The Cardinals will throw out Jake Westbrook in this afternoon’s matchup. If you have DirecTV, Extra Innings should still be having its free preview going, if you can’t catch it locally or is making you angry. Either way, today/this weekend should at least be a little fun.

Cardinals lineup:

As for a quick preview, the Cardinals basically have the same team you saw in the NLCS, minus Rafael Furcal and Chris Carpenter who are out for the year, and Jason Motte‘s out for a month, but of course their team is still pretty good, and a pre-season pick to contend for a wild card spot.


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