MEGA GIFPost: The #SFGiants Raise the Flag

The long awaited flag raising of the 2012 World Series Champions flag was this afternoon. I’m sure there will be a video coming out of the whole thing, but until then, you got this. It all started when a tugboat with some SF Fire Department heroes were escorting the flag out to the park.

They then handed it off to some fans who would carry it on to the field

As you’ll see below

Then players and Giants employees walked to meet those fans carrying the flag out in Angel Pagan-land

Bruce Bochy and company greeting some of the fans

The fold!

The transfer to Matt Cain

Funny note from the Merc’s Bud Geracie

Climb the stairs, everybody!

Except you guys.

Thumbs up for an awesome raising of that flag by Hunter Pence, our alien overlord.

This image perfectly shows how the Giants are champions, and the Dodgers are in last

I think Boch approves

Yea! Streamers!

And, the new wall decorations

A fantastic ceremony where I probably only cried 2,453,988 times.


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