Quick Fantasy Baseball News: Marmol out as closer; Freeman hits DL

I don’t play fantasy baseball, so I’m not going to tell you how my team is doing, but I know a lot of the baseball nation does, so this seems important (also a lot of people felt it was inevitable):

Carlos Marmol and his walking ways out, Kyuji Fujikawa and his Japanese baseball ways in. Fujikawa has only appeared in three games so far this season, so here’s him throwing an 89 MPH fastball down the pipe for a save the other day

This next story was kind of funny because people can get kind of dramatic:

Everything’s all good with Freddie Freeman right? No health issues to worry about or anything right?

Sigh. Chris Johnson is in the lineup playing first base today, and I expect him to get most of the at bats in Freeman’s absence. So far, the Braves are 4-1 in games he starts, and 0-0 in games he doesn’t. Not sure how the Braves will respond to that since they haven’t won any games with him out of the lineup.


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