RinGIF Post: The Golden Boys Get Theirs

After a confusingly lengthy pre-game filled with a jazz band playing songs you’ll hear out of a good high school jazz band (but of course they were much better than a high school jazz band), and after everyone in the band had time to improvise, we were allowed to watch the 2012 World Champs get their rings.

The rings were loaded on a trolley by a waiter from a nice restaurant

Nobody guarded the platter of rings as the trolley went from Tiffany & Co. to the ballpark

Finally, the cable car arrived and then they had some trolley conductors deliver the rings down the 3B-LF foul line to where the fun was taking place.

A video was then shown. 14K white gold, 5 separate parts were brought together

The scores of the series, a cable car image, seven round stones to represent each NY/SF championship, an image of a cable car, and the names of the recipient were put on the rings

The staff and players were introduced next. Did you know they had/have a massage therapist? Oh yea.

Angel Pagan, good to see you’re showing emotion.

Aubrey Huff, the only member not on the 2013 team to have had 2012 playing time, showed up, and it was good to see him.

Sergio Romo was excited to get his ring.

Marco Scutaro didn’t mind showing his off a little, because it’s not everyday you get one of these things.

A close up and a group shot

Then the Giants had the first pitch of the game be the players throw a ball into the stands, which was pretty cool.

Want your own? Well just like in 2011, there’s a raffle that benefits the Giants Community Fund, and it’s probably going to be impossible to win the raffle, but hey, you never know. Can’t win if you don’t play!

A beautiful ring, and man, I wish I had one.


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