Sunday AceFest from AT&T: Lineups Posted

Today is a day of Aces. Don’t believe me?

I mean, thats a great lineup of baseball for the people to take in and watch. The one our attention is turned to the most is the one with Adam Wainwright and Matt Cain. The lineups have been posted for this Sunday baseball matchup of the #1’s.

For the 2012 NL runner-ups:

No Matt Holliday to boo in the lineup, and Matt Adams takes the corner at 1B for today.

For the 2012 Ring Masters:

Once again, same soup for the Giants in this last game of the series before they welcome in the Colorado Rockies beginning tomorrow night.

Important information about the ring ceremony:

If it’s going to be as fun as the 2011 one was, this should also be a must-see event. I’m planning on watching and will get the GIF-machine revved up and ready to go. Until then, enjoy the day baseball before the rings get showed off and we all dream of owning one for ourselves.

P.S.: if you’re at the game and have an extra replica ring, I’d love to talk to you about how we may arrange for you to give it to me 🙂


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