Lineups: #SFGiants hoping #Rockies have a Case of the Mondays

The Giants are at .500 for the first time since April 2nd, so everybody hurry up and panic so we can get that over with and remember that we still have roughly 96% of the season left to go. The Rockies started their season off in Milwaukee, then went home to Colorado for three games against the Padres, whom they swept, and now they’re in San Francisco, so you’ll understand if you hear any Rockies say anything about being a little tired from all the traveling, certainly not an ideal way to start the season, yet there they sit at 5-1.

LHP Jorge De La Rosa takes the mound from the Rockies, and thanks to Brooks Baseball, this chart should give you an idea of what you’ll see him throw at some of the Giants hitters tonight:

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 3.37.07 PM

He likes that sinker the majority of the time, and that slider when he’s ahead. The split can come anytime, and the curve’s anytime but when the batter is ahead, pretty much. He matched walks and strikeouts with 3 in 4.1 innings last week in Milwaukee, and happened to give up a dinger as well. He will be opposed by LHP Madison Bumgarner tonight. Since I showed you De La Rosa’s pitch usage, maybe I have your curiosity going on Bumgarner.

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 3.47.25 PM

Keeps the variety coming, using the fastball anytime, less against RHH when he gets ahead or with two strikes. Rare to see the curve with the batter ahead, and rare to see that changeup against the lefties. MadBum threw eight innings of six strikeout, no walk ball against the Dodgers. Giants fans can only hope he’ll continue his dominant start against the Rockies tonight.

Colorado’s lineup for tonight:

“Cuddy” being Michael Cuddyer for those unsure. Although the Rockies have tended to be a cellar-dwelling team, when they have everybody healthy in their lineup like they do right now, those bats can definitely do some damage.

And for the Giants:

All the regulars there, with Andres Torres getting the usual start against the lefty.

Game time is 7:15PM PST.


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