Get in shape with Brayan Villarreal with Brayan Villarreaerobics

You want to throw 98MPH and be a major leaguer like Brayan Villarreal? Well you’re going to have to quick that lame P90X or CrossFit you’ve been doing that’s probably been giving you results and get with the program. Brayan Villarreaerobics are about throwing hard, and shoulder presses. That’s it. It’s easier than you may think. It’s a three step sequence, repeat, repeat, repeat, and let the results speak for themselves.

One (both arms)

Two (one arm)

Three (both arms)

Some will ask, “Can I just go from step three to step two?” No, that is silly. Why would you deny yourself results? “Shouldn’t I even it  out by throwing with my left hand, too?” If you can switch-throw, yes. If you cannot, don’t bother. Better off looking asymmetrical than funny throwing a ball.

Does it matter where you pitch throw the ball when you pitch throw it? No. Let the hitter and the mask boys deal with that. You are busy getting in shape to look good for that special someone. There are currently no gyms that feature Villarreaerobics, but this will catch on, my friends… oh, will it catch on.


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