#SFGiants Game GIFCap: Just gonna fart away and mislead you with highlights

Didn’t watch the game tonight? Well to sum it up for you right now, the Dodgers are losing right now. If that answer wasn’t good enough for you, look at these highlights I have for you! Ryan Vogelsong had his trusty enchiladas and pitched seven innings for his team a day after Barry Zito couldn’t get through the third inning. Early on, Vogey didn’t get much run support because most of the hits were like this off of Kyle Lohse:

Poor Buster Posey can’t catch a break. Luckily, Giants would eventually get on base and Gregor Blanco would steal his first base of the season!

So close! And such a good call! Moving on to the 7th inning where the score was essentially the same as before the game started, Vogey pitched to Carlos Gomez who took a typical Carlos Gomez swing.

Woop-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo. As you know, Ryan pitched seven innings, so he got through him. Alex Gonzalez bunted a ball sometime later in the game and popped it out to Brandon Belt. Thanks for the free out, Milwaukee! Suckers!

The GIF of the night comes from the body of Jean Machi who tries to cut one past Jose Mijares but Jose has the nose of a K-9 and did not appreciate that.

Gregor Blanco, you wanna get near that after the game?

Yea, me neither. Smell ya See ya tomorrow, Giants!

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