Prince Fielder struck out five times last night against King Felix and his bullpen

The Detroit Tigers have a pretty good set of names on their roster, and amongst those names is Prince Fielder, a pretty good hitter, I guess you could say. Not everybody has good nights, and last night was one of those for Prince Fielder in the batter’s box. In what would end up being a fourteen-inning game, Prince Fielder went 0-for-6 with 5 K’s and one lineout. Prince wasn’t alone in his K-ing ways, as there were forty (!) between the two teams. Prince’s five whiffs, consisting of one backwards K, is not a record, as there have been players that have done it six times in a game. The forty strikeouts also is not a record for an extra-inning game between two teams, as that one has held strong since 1971. Don’t mean to pick on Prince here, but thought you might like to see his five strikeouts

1st inning, 93 MPH fastball outside vs. Felix Hernandez

4th inning, 92 mph fastball inside vs. Felix Hernandez

6th inning, 93 MPH fastball well outside vs. Felix Hernandez

9th inning, 96 MPH fastball outside vs. Tom Wilhelmsen

13th inning, 91 MPH fastball high above the zone vs. Charlie Furbush

Everybody put away Prince with speed in a night at the plate he’d like to forget. However, he was part of the throw that would get to catcher Brayan Pena that would nail Justin Smoak at the plate to end the game.


The Mariners and Tigers have a little less than 14 hours between the end of that game and the start of today’s getaway game.


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