Today’s Randominities: Games Postponed

I like that word. Randominities.

Today’s schedule in the Major League Baseball has brought about two games being postponed, and at least one that could be delayed due to precipitation in Baltimore. Here are the two games postponed:

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 3.03.55 PM


“Postponed” with smaller text of “Other,” and “Postponed” with smaller text of “Cold.”

As you’re well aware, there is a manhunt going on in Boston, and the authorities are still working tirelessly to put an end to it. Earlier today it was decided that the game would be postponed due to that manhunt.

Meanwhile, in Chicago (article linked)…

Friday’s in-game forecast called for a high of 38 degrees in Chicago, with winds approaching 20 mph and a wind chill dipping to 28 degrees. With the cancellation coming with the comfort of the players and the fans in mind, and not about any sort of precipitation, the decision was made around lunch time to avoid people having to make any unnecessary trips.

So, gather all your football/handegg friends to talk about how that sport would be played in this weather while baseball takes a day off. It’s true, but you do want to consider the safety of all the players and fans in that kind of weather.

A crazy week in life, and an odd day in baseball for reasons for postponed games, but I think when people look back on “reasons other than rain” for a game being postponed, today will be a day they look back on and remember what was an absolutely insane week of 2013.


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