Video: David Ortiz’s Speech to Boston

To close the pre-game ceremonies (which were fantastic, by the way), David Ortiz was given the duties of delivering a few words to the city of Boston. The video of that is below, with the transcript of what he said under the video.

This jersey that we’re wearing today it doesn’t say “Red Sox” it says “Boston”

We want to thank you Mayor [Thomas] Menino, Gov. [Deval] Patrick, the whole police department, the  great job they did this past week

This is our f…ing city…

and nobody gonna dictate our freedom.

Stay strong.

Thank you

Knowing that since an “f bomb” was dropped on national television, the US Federal Communications Commission Chief weighed in on the matter:

Might this open the door to more profanity being used on national television? Maybe, but those instances might not go un-fined like this speech did. The use of the word just felt right, and that’s really the only way I can describe it.


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