GIFCap: #SFGiants dance and blast their way to a sweep of the Padres

Barry Zito delivered seven shutout innings to bring his home shutout streak to twenty-one consecutive innings to begin the regular season. The game began with a couple disputable plays thanks to instant replay, and these calls would go against the Giants. First, Marco Scutaro‘s tag on Chase Headley that was not ruled correctly, though a very difficult call.

And Angel Pagan‘s hit by a pitch on his toe that Bob Davidson ruled was just a ball.

Lucky for the Giants, the bottom of the order began to rally, with Andres Torres and Brandon Crawford getting on base, and then Angel Pagan delivered a double to RCF on a 3-0 pitch. The broadcast pointed out that he cheked the dugout after the 2-0 pitch to maybe see if he had the green light. If so, maybe Angel Pagan was acknowledging that trust.

Pablo Sandoval capped the three-run rally with a bad ball seeing-eye single up the middle on a pitch a little less than a foot off the ground.

Buster Posey would get his first homer of the season, a two-run shot that put the Giants up 5-0.

If you’re wondering how pitchers can keep their ERA down, a good defense behind you can really do the trick.

Joaquin Arias got pretty good contact on a ball later in the game, and Kyle Blanks made a great catch but crashed into the wall and this would ultimately take him out of the game.

We just hope he’s OK.

We also hope that there will be more dance lessons outside, because why not.

Today’s jump wasn’t all that awe-inspiring, but we’ll take the sweep.

Arizona comes in to begin a three-game series with the Giants tomorrow night.


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