Lineups Posted: Can #SFGiants handle the intangibles the #DBacks bring?

In what might have been the longest off-season for Arizona Diamondback fans, Justin Upton, Chris Young, Trevor Bauer, and Chris Johnson were shipped out, and Martin Prado, Didi Gregorius (awesome name, by the way), Cody Ross, Cliff Pennington, and Heath Bell were brought in. Somewhere along the way, it got out that the Diamondbacks wanted players that were “gritty,” “gamers,” “played the game the right way,” yada yada yada. Intangibles are fine when it comes to leadership, whether verbal or through their actions, but even with the moves that were made, it’s hard to see how the team got better. Nevertheless, here they are, their first series against the Giants and at AT&T this year. You’ll remember the first time these two squared up in 2012 in Phoenix, the DBacks swept the Giants and nothing good ever happened again for the Giants. Just awful.

The lineups!

For the snakes:

For the Champs:

Brandon Belt turning into the platoon partner with Joaquin Arias until he can get his swing in order, apparently. Once he does find the swing that made him successful, I’d imagine he’s back to getting the playing time we’re used to seeing from Bochy.

Ryan Vogelsong will look to continue a streak that Giants pitching has started since Friday when Chase Headley homered off of Madison Bumgarner

Can the Giants beat that streak? The smart money says “no,” because a lot really needs to go right, and the Diamondbacks still have a pretty decent lineup. However, the Giants did pull that off in a three-game streak against a depleted Dodgers squad, and in one game against the Reds. That was a pretty fun stretch of games.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 5.31.23 PM

Wade Miley seems to primarily be a three-pitch pitcher to lefties, loving that four- and two-seam combo with the slider being the finisher. With RHH, he’ll include that changeup, and try to surprise you with it from time to time when he falls behind into a traditional fastball count. Spreads it out pretty well when he gets ahead of you or in two strike situations versus a RHH.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 5.31.36 PM

Vogey shares the wealth to everybody, but using his five pitches even more against lefties. Apparently, he is using his curveball-for-a-first-pitch-strike move nearly a third of the time against LHH. Sooner or later, I worry that that’s going to catch on and hitters really start looking for that. I take him to be a pretty smart and seasoned guy, so he should be able to adjust when necessary.

Game time is at 7:15PM PST tonight. I’ll try to hear what’s being said as my wife blasts tonight’s “The Voice.”


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