GIFPost: Alex Cobb K’s 13, balks in a run, lasts only 4.2 IP for Rays

Alex Cobb will not blow you away with his fastball, but the Padres will let you know that he does have strikeout stuff. The fourth place NL West Padres did get three runs off of Tampa Bay starter Alex Cobb, but in the 4.2 innings that Cobb threw, he would pile up the pitch count while striking out thirteen, and would even strike out four in the third inning and would allow a run as well.

Curveball at 81

Splitter at 86

Split at 85

Split at 86

Curveball at 81

Will Venable gets on and begins his distracting of Cobb… split in the dirt away at 86

Venable would successfully steal second on this K.. and would steal third

Carlos Quentin couldn’t check his swing on this 58 foot splitty

Notice Cobb gets set, then brings his arms down before he steps off the rubber. Correct call by the home plate ump.

Another split at 86

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 11.17.40 AM



Split at 87

Another splitter at 86

Really likes that splitter — 87

His last pitch? Aaaaanother splitter at 86.

This certainly was an odd outing to watch, as it always seemed like every at bat took at least seven pitches and this outing would have been really interesting had Cobb not had a pitch limit on him. How many would he have struck out if he had stayed in the game longer? Anybody’s guess, but the Padres did not seem to enjoy the split that Cobb was throwing last night. 


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