GIFCap: Reminding you what a #SFGiants win looks like

If it seems like it’s been a while since the Giants won, and it’s true: Sunday was the last time. Today is Thursday, and the last two days in Toronto have been nightmares thanks to the defense and the pitching of the squad. Here are some GIFs that might make up a victory in the regular season.

Everything seemed to be going swimmingly when Matt Cain started out by striking out Dexter Fowler.

But then Matt Cain started allowing dingerz and not catching breaks at the plate.

BUT THEN Brandon Crawford begins being the star of the show by hitting a bases clearing double with 2 outs in the 4th.

And then goes all Golden on the Rockies

Barehanded, ya’ll

The Giants would score some more runs, yada yada details, and then you bring in Sergio Romo to strike out Dexter Fowler just like the game started for the Rockies at bat.

Here’s a jump where Angel Pagan is unhappy with Hunter Pence.

Here’s some lovin between Marco Scutaro and Crawford

And those are some of the things that make for a Giants win. That feels good after two days of destruction and nearly happened again tonight after being down 6-0 at the end of 3. Eight straight runs to win a Thursday evening game? Yes, thank you! But less allowing runs to the other team, please.


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