GIFCap: Kevin Gausman makes MLB Debut

Kevin Gausman has been a popular name on this Thursday night, and the prospect showed us what he’s got to offer the major leagues, and we may be in for some fun watching this kid. A quick scouting report on him from Baseball Prospectus:

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 4.24.55 PM

Pretty good fastball, above average slider, and pretty good changeup, and if all that gets put together, that all equals pretty darn good in your rotation. Some overall thoughts from the lead scout at Baseball Prospectus on the kid’s outing:

Onto what he showed Toronto and the rest of the majors in his five innings of work.

The fastball:

That was Gausman’s first strike thrown.

Emilio Bonifacio likes the other Orioles starters better, I think.

Nice, Gausman hitting his spots.

I really liked that pitch, just not the best reception from Matt Wieters there. Gausman threw 99 the pitch before that.

Jose Bautista missing 99 MPH.

Oh, no, Gausman not hitting his spots. J.P. Arencibia two run homer would make it 4-3 on a fastball inside.

The slider:

Really liked that pitch.

That mistake of a hanging slider to Adam Lind begun the two-run rally the Blue Jays would begin against Gausman in the 4th.

The changeup:

How do you not love that changeup. Man oh man.

This was also the kind of look Gausman had on all night, one where you assume he’s taking it all in, really getting used to the idea that he is a major leaguer, and that THIS IS SO COOL!


Looks like Baltimore’s got a pretty good rookie on their hands.


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