Kevin Gausman won’t have to buy breakfast for a while

Top prospect Kevin Gausman makes his MLB debut tonight for the Baltimore Orioles, and as a surprise congratulations gift, his Orioles teammates gave Mr. Gausman his favorite food, or at least what I hope is his favorite food: donuts

I’m going to guess there’s somewhere around 15-20 donuts in each of those containers, and there are about 50 cases of those visible in the picture (scary thought that there could be more). This means that Kevin Gausman has at least 750-1,000 donuts that he will need to go through if he kept all those donuts. I don’t know when those kinds of donuts expire, but if it were in a month, and he were to eat those on his own, he would have to eat at least 25-33.333 donuts a day to not put them to waste. However, if he ate all of those donuts, he would be wasting his body. What to do… what to do…


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