ICYMI: Angel Pagan dashes for a walk off (video & GIFtacular)

Maybe this post is more for me, because I missed it. I departed my abode shortly after the Giants made it 4-3, and apparently I missed a lot of… “good” stuff, from missed calls on Brandon Belt and Marco Scutaro to Bruce Bochy getting ejected and ultimately, the Giants making a 10th inning comeback made complete off the bat of Angel Pagan. I’m not going to pretend that a bunch of GIFs are going to outdo a video, so here’s the video, which hopefully doesn’t make you click it to load on a separate page, because that would just be inconvenient.

Some of the elements from the walk off homer:

The contact

The bounce off the wall

The relay and the result of the play

The bench reaction

and Tim Flannery absolutely working it

A fun afternoon for Giants fans (well, the last part of it, anyway), and certainly a fun highlight to come back home to for me. It should come as no surprise either that Angel Pagan’s hair stayed pretty amazing even after all that running.


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