Rivalry trash talk: Some Giants and A’s fans need to go to their rooms

I thought we were done with this. The arguments… they really never change. I feel they are tired points being brought up by both sides. You could summarize all the arguments with this tweet I made on Monday:

Followers of the teams going back and forth just to somehow prove their team is the better Bay Area team. Why. Why why why. Actually, I know why, because these people want to be right. They want to win the argument that their team is better and they have better fans. My opinion on the matter?

Who. The. Heck. Cares.

Really, why do you care so much? Are you mad that the Giants have had more ultimate success than the A’s lately? Are you mad that the Oakland A’s have more trophies in the display case? Are you mad San Francisco outdraws you two-fold in the majority of your games? Are you mad that due to your team’s winning ways that a horde of bandwagon fans have come along for the ride, and you know in your heart of hearts they will disappear once the winning stops?

Why. Do. You. Care. When will the dialogue evolve?

Why can’t the trash talk be about what’s going on in 2013? — because even that would be more intellectual than the garbage being recycled. At least that’s relevant to the matter at hand, not some roundabout conversation being done to impress the mommy and/or daddy that’s not around to celebrate the winner. Why can’t the trash talk be the light-hearted, “hey, your team is under .500 and mine isn’t, watch us sweep you,” and then the unexpected “ha! my team just swept your over-.500 team”? Too simple, I suppose.

While I don’t know if this is what happens during Raiders-49ers games, I can guess the arguments at least evolve a little bit at the very least because they have a whole week to get ready for a game, yet there are Giants and A’s fans insisting on enjoying their time with the dead horse.

I can’t name one person that cares outside of the two fanbases whether the Giants or A’s have a better fanbase, and in this case, I do think that means something. Do you care who has the better fanbase between Angels-Dodgers, Marlins-Rays, Red Sox-Yankees, Braves-Phillies, Astros-Rangers? Of course not. I’m not saying the two have to get along, but each set of fans that insists on repeating themselves should go on timeout and think about how dumb they sound. Please. Move on.



  1. This is a very simple game...

    I hear you. Personally, I love the rivalry relationships as long as everyone keeps it light. I love the Freeway Series games (Angels fan) so much in part for the fan interaction in the stands, because I’ve always been lucky enough to sit where, yes, there’s a bit of trash talk but it’s mostly in fun and there’s a lot of camaraderie too. The minute folks start taking these rivalries to the point of angry trash talk, it switches from silly good fun to stupid in a heartbeat.
    — Kristen

  2. Matthew

    I feel as if it’s taken to a whole new level. Im a Dodger fan but get along with plenty of Angel fans. Some I really don’t for other reasons. I feel it get taken too far and gets personal. I love the Freeway Series just like Kristen does and I find it fun. Two teams down the Freeway from each other playing against one another. It’s really fun. But It can get taken to a whole new level just like that and it shouldn’t at all.

  3. Wayne

    Well written post! Though I’m a life long Giants fan, I do attend A’s games often and like to see them do well. Those that live in the San Francisco Bay Area are fortunate to see both American and National League baseball. I have a lot of friends that are A’s fans but we don’t let the rivalry get in the way of our friendships. I know a llittle about the rivalry in Southern California (Dodgers-Angels) but it would be interesting to hear from those in Chicago and New York.

  4. b2bwayne

    I agree with you and the previous two comments as well. We’re fortunate as are the Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Baltimore/Washington areas to have both American and National League baseball. Knowing a number of A’s fans makes the friendships more fun. Definitely, it would be interesting to hear from those in Chicago, New York and Baltimore/Washington D.C. on their thoughts. Keep up the great blogging!


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