Where all your Fozzy Bear jokes come to die: Michael Wacha GIFPost

Michael Wacha, 19th overall pick of the 2012 MLB Draft out of Texas A&M University was one pick away from going to the Giants, but the Cardinals gladly swooped him up and here he is starting on a Thursday night against the Kansas City Royals for his ML debut. A quick scouting report on who this guy is, courtesy of Baseball Prospectus:

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 6.02.34 PM

That’s right, a guy whose future potential is a #3 starter was the Cards’ fifth best prospect coming into this season. It’s unfair, it really really is. Above average fastball, curveball, and potential changeup are a good mix, and he is a tall guy at 6’6″. Did my best to capture some of the work he did in tonight’s outing.

The fastball: He threw it between 90-96 and really attacked hitters with it. Was able to avoid the fat part of the plate, and would reach back in strikeout situations most often. In his inning he surrendered a run, when he missed, he did miss up, but there wasn’t a lot of that.

The curveball: I did not feel like the curve was that solid of an offering tonight. Maybe on other nights the break is sharper, but maybe my expectations were too high.

The changeup: ‘Twas a good pitch tonight, having a some tail towards the RHB box. Really it was a fastball-changeup show for Wacha, and when both of those pitches are going good for you, pretty safe assuming you’re going to eat up some innings for your squad.

Wouldn’t you know it, too, in his first career AB, he gets a hit to RF

Good first outing for the kid (and Cardinals fans have good reason to be happy he’s there), throwing seven innings, surrendering no walks, and struck out six. The Cards decided he would be done after his seven innings and ninety-three pitches and left with his team leading 2-1.


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