Safeco Field: The Stadium (lotsa pix)

To give you some background on why I traveled from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest, my wife and I began an annual tradition that started a few years ago where we would go to a new MLB stadium every year. Just one, not a bunch, because we are not rich. For this year, we decided that Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington/Warshington would be where we’d head, and I have friends in the area, so I knew it would make the trip more enjoyable. This is a post that’s about the tour we took, because what kind of baseball touring would we be doing if we weren’t incorporating an employee-led tour into our travels? Bad touring, that’s what.



This picture above makes it look like that there is snow/ice coming off the “D” in “Field,” but fear not, the highs for the weekend ranged from the high-60’s to mid-70’s.


Stairs and banners.


This is largely composed of materials from the beaches of the Pacific Northwest, and the silver dots are signed by players that participated in the first season of Safeco. You might see what looks like scribbles in the outer white circle, and yes, those are quotes about baseball.




View from the field. That giant black board above the CF bleachers is the jumbotron. Second-largest jumbotron in the nation (world? forgot. Cowboys Stadium in Dallas has the largest).


What you’ll see when you look to LF.


To the RF. Yes, that is a retractable roof. And those are banners of their AL West championships, and the blue banner is from when they were in the ALCS.


Where the media type seat themselves, those glass doors can be raised garage-door style. Worker doing his job is totally ruining this pic.


Visitor’s dugout.


The replay station for umpires, which contains a small television. You know, Safeco does have some extra 42″ Sanyo’s sitting around…


The interview room, where I’m guessing all the Mariners 1B/DH/corner outfield types are introduced with great fanfare.

IMG_1546 IMG_1547 IMG_1549

These are the suites, and they are named after Hall of Fame players, from Aaron to something near the end of the alphabet probably (we didn’t go that far down the hall)


This man, Mr. Yamauchi, is a fine man, and the majority owner of the Seattle Mariners. Originally tried to buy the team and give it back to the city, all the owners were like “LOL Non-American!” and shut him down. So Mr. Yamauchi became a minority stakes owner, worked his way up, and did what he originally intended to do. If you’ve heard of Nintendo, that’s this guy. Tour guide referred to him as “Mr. Nintendo.” He has also never been to Safeco Field, nor did he see the Mariners when they were in Japan. Tour guide said his health prevents him from travelling, but I hope he gets to see what he saved and has built in person some day.

IMG_1540 IMG_1541 IMG_1543

Picnic area and other views from the stadium. The Seattle Seahawks (booooo) and the Seattle Sounders play right next door.


Inside the press box. I can only get inside of press boxes in tours… hoping to change that someday.


This is the back of the scoreboard in left field, in case you were curious. We did not find out who those kids were, but they seemed to be friends of the manager.

Now that you’ve have a tour of the Safeco Field stadium, I have just saved you $12, but you should really do it yourselves, also. There’s no substituting the experience.



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