ScoutinGIF Gerrit Cole

Gerrit Cole took the mound for the Pirates on Tuesday night, and that’s a call-up of a projected future number one pitcher in the rotation. Three very good pitches, with some high-end velocity on ’em that few starters can match. A quick scouting report on the kid out of UCLA looks like this from Baseball Prospectus before the season started:

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 4.15.51 PM

Elite fastball, great slider, above average changeup, that sounds like fun for the home team. Now for the GIFs of what this guy did over the course of the game:

The Cole fastball (95-99):

Was still throwing high-90s in the 7th. Unfair.

The slider (83-87):

Cole was getting the low strike a lot tonight, and that definitely helped in his ability to get into the 7th inning and toss only 81 pitches. He’ll have an ERA, but when you look at tonight as a Pirates fan, hopefully you’re looking into the future. Wandy Rodriguez is out now, and Cole has made an early case for his keeping himself on the 25-man roster now and forever.


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