The #SFGiants Draft Picks and their Twitter Accounts (that I could find)

A week ago today the Houston Astros kicked off the MLB Draft by taking Mark Appel with the first pick. The Giants, twenty-four picks later chose Christian Arroyo and then the continued rebuilding for the future officially was back on its way. In case you are hoping for news from the Giants draft picks and wondering where you might be able to hear them from, the prospects themselves are a great place to start. Keep in mind that eleven of the picks from 2012 did not sign, including their 7th, 10th, 11th, and 14th round picks. Nothing has been officially announced on the Giants website about picks signing, but slowly announcements of contract signings have been coming in. Picks are listed in the order they were picked by the Giants.

Christian Arroyo — @arroyo_c

Ryder Jones — @Jonesy_56

Chase Johnson — @chaserton32

Brian Ragira

Daniel Slania — @Dan_Slania40

Nick Vander Tuig — @Nick21VT

Brandon Bednar — @BrandonBednar1

Tyler Horan — @SirMeatBall27

Donald Snelten — @DJSnelten

Tyler Rogers — @tyrogers2020

Johneshwy Fargas — @Johneshwy

Ty Ross — @TyRoss26

Pat Young — @patyoung26

Nick Jones — @Njjones7 “Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants organization” in his bio along with a big picture of the Giants logo

Eugene Escalante — @G_Escalante3

Jonah Arenado — @ArenadoJonah

Rene Melendez

Christian Jones

Garrett Hughes — @BDHughes_27

Brett Kay — @BKurWay17

William Simpson — @CalebSimpson9

Ethan Miller

Brandon Zajac — @ZAJAC37

Nicholas Gonzalez — @Nicolasito_16

Blake Miller — @bjm425 has “#SFGiants” in his bio

Jacob McCasland

Michael Connolly — @mikecon12

Dusten Knight

Ryan Tuntland — @RTuntland_11

Dylan Brooks

John Riley — @johnriley_25

Nick Cieri — @nick_cieri

Craig Massoni — @FLYmanCRAIG Has “Baseball player in the San Francisco Giants Organization” in his bio

Rayan Hernandez

Aubrey McCarty — @AubreyMcCarty55

Grant Goodman — @TheGoodMayne_17

Will Callaway — @CallawayGuy has “#Giants” and “#minorleaguer” in his bio

Osvaldo Garcia

Christopher Viall — @chrisvSHS

Ryan Kirby — @rkirby_09

So that’s what I could find, some of the findings in thanks to Lauren (@sfgiantsgirl). That list has ten picks pretty firmly in the Giants pocket, and from my own scouring on the twitter machine, I don’t think the first round pick is too far off.


  1. imyomamma2

    Just personally “pre-welcomed” most of those listed. I spend a couple of weeks every February in Scottsdale watching the newbies & hopetobies. good times

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