GIFPost: Zack Wheeler makes his MLB Debut

Zack Wheeler has finally been called up to the bigs, and he’s been climbing up the “Top Prospects” ladder for the last four years, all the way being up in the top eleven in 2013, and being the Mets top prospect coming into this year. Wheeler, of course, was the arm used to acquire Carlos Beltran by the Giants in 2011. While the Giants could very well use him now, their flag in 2012 should ease the pain of watching a top prospect get his chance to shine while the Giants are being forced to wait for theirs.

The scouting report on Wheeler from Baseball Prospectus coming into the season:

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 4.46.13 PM

GOOD fastball, above average curveball, and a good slider and change. Let’s see what Wheeler showcased on Tuesday night in his effort against the NL East leading Atlanta Braves in the second game of their doubleheader.

Fastball (93-98):

Lot of balls from Zack in the game, especially early on, which could have been due to a combination of nerves and throwing the ball.

And, there’s your first career MLB strikeout, and Jason Heyward gets the honor of being the first victim.

Thanks for playing, Brian McCann.

Chris Johnson whiffing on 95.

Paul Maholm probably a little mismatched.

Curveball (78)

Nice hammer.

Probably don’t wanna throw it too much in that location.

Slider (88-90):

He actually started out Justin Upton with a slider low two straight at bats. Gives you some insight into their scouting report on him.

A much better reception than the first slider, he’ll get that call from other umpires.

And there’s Dan Uggla helping Wheeler record Zack’s seventh strikeout of the night.

Changeup (85):

Despite the five walks in 102 pitches for Wheeler, I thought this was a pretty good debut. It wasn’t Strasburg, but it was pretty dang good. As I was saying on twitter, I’m rooting for the former Baby Giant, and I want him to do well. This was a great first step, and here’s to Zack on a great career with the Mets and then the Giants when he signed with them because he secretly misses all of us.


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