Tracking the Baby Giants while they Winter League

Many thanks to friend of the blog, Anna, for this reference, but if you’re one of those people that wants to keep tabs on how Giants minor leaguers are doing, there’s a page for that. It looks a little low-tech for, but it gets the job done. Not only can you check out how the invitees to the notoriously hitter-friendly Arizona Fall League are doing, but since the Venezuelan Winter League and Dominican Winter League have begun, you can check out how the Giants minor league athletes are doing there, as well. If you haven’t clicked the link yet because you’re not sure who’s there, here’s a list as of October 20th:

Adam Duvall (17 HR in Double-A Richmond in 2013)

Javier Herrera (28 year old had 16 HR/23 SB for Richmond)

Mark Minicozzi (30 year old put up a .309/.400/.445 line for Richmond)

Jarrett Parker (18 HR and 13 SB at Richmond)

Juan Perez (For me this is hard to believe, but the defensive specialist had 10 HR in Triple-A Fresno)

Andrew Susac (#15 Prospect for SF according to had 12 HR and a .256/.362/.458 line in Richmond)

Angel Villalona (Played in two levels and only 23, racked up 22 HR but also a .276 OBP)

Ydwin Villegas (Played in San Jose and Fresno in 55 games total)

Fabio Castillo (3.34 ERA in 32.1 IP in Richmond, but got lit up in Fresno in 23 games)

Kyle Crick (SF’s #1 Prospect, 1.57 ERA in 68.2 IP along with 95 K’s in High-A San Jose)

Edwin Escobar (#11 Prospect played in San Jose and Richmond, 128.2 IP and a 2.80 ERA with 146 K’s and 30 BB)

Renzo Freite (Arizona League participant, the reliever accumulated 11 BB and 17 K’s in 19.1 IP)

Cody Hall (Higher leverage reliever in San Jose and Richmond had 75 K’s and 15 BB in 60 IP)

Derek Law (Spent time in the AZ League, Low-A Augusta, and San Jose. All in all, 46 G, 66.1 IP, 102 K’s and 12 BB)

Mitch Lively (4.72 ERA in 124.0 IP for the Fresno starter)

Daryl Maday (Did good work in Fresno across 26 G, but the 28 year old saw the hits off him increase in Fresno)

Adalberto Mejia (#19 Prospect had a spot start in Fresno, 92 IP in San Jose with 91 K’s, 23 BB and a 3.31 ERA)


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