There’s an #Astrodome Garage Sale Going On

Unbeknownst to me since I spend only a couple hours on the internet a day outside of my workspace, there is a garage sale of Astrodome materials and memorabilia going on at this very moment on Saturday, November 2nd. The cause, which can be read more about here, is to go to the Astrodome Renovation Project, and apparently Harris County is also voting on a $217MM renovation project this Tuesday. Here are some of the highlights already from this garage sale:

People have been showing up:

Just from social media, though, it appears that people buying memorabilia as opposed to sitting in the auction seats may be experiencing some frustrations:

On deck circles are cool, but $2,300 cool? Maybe it’s a good investment since the Expos don’t exist anymore. I do wonder how much that Giants circle will go for though…

So there’s a peek into what’s going on in one part of Texas today. The Houston Chronicle just published some photos from the event to take a look at the crazy that is taking place there. Good luck to everybody trying to buy what they did and didn’t go there for.


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