November 15th: The Day MLB Teams Saluted #SFBatKid

By now you’ve heard the story about Miles, a five-year old with leukemia, got help from the Make-A-Wish foundation and the City of San Francisco to make an epic dream of dreams go down by transforming San Francisco into Gotham City. Miles became the Bat Kid, or #BatKid/#SFBatKid, and helped defeat the Riddler, and a foul plot by the Penguin was foiled when the villain captured and tied up Lou Seal at AT&T Park. Want to know more about Miles’ story from the Make-A-Wish foundation’s site? Too bad!

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 3.21.12 PM

Freakin’ adorable.

For the plot that really only involves the Giants, we’ll start with the Penguin, whom I thought was being played by beat writer Henry Schulman at first, was caught on camera by the SFPD capturing Lou Seal:

Beat writers got into the action:

Of course the Giants had the coverage covered:

Miles saves the day!

Big day for anybody, much less a five-year old superhero!

The outpouring of support from organizations all over the place came in, and the Dodgers were early in line to show that the on-field rivalry is only that:

Another division rival chimed in, giving their support to Miles:

The Padres tweeted out their cheers:

The new World Series Champs mascot, Wally gave his thanks to Miles for rescuing his friend while holding a Batman action figure. Pretty awesome.

All the way from Colorado:

Saw this picture and there was dust everywhere!

And then why not finish it off with a shoutout from the President:

I wasn’t tracking this as it was going on, but I can only imagine what an experience it was for everyone involved, whether volunteering, cheering in the streets, or cheering from home. What a fantastic event put on for one human being.


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