Opinions on Sat & Sun Moves as Weekend Ends with #Dodgers Getting Dan Haren

On Saturday, we had the Yankees nabbing Brian McCann for five years and eighty-five million. The Angels raised some eyebrows giving former Cleveland reliever Joe Smith three years and $15.75MM. We heard rumors of Jhonny Peralta to the Cardinals, but that didn’t get confirmed and sealed until Sunday when the internet seemed to question a move by the NL Champions when they gave Peralta four and $52MM. Now, the Dodgers have let it be known that they will be signing Dan Haren to a one-year, ten million dollar contract with a vesting option for 2015 if he throws 180 innings in 2014. They will formally announce that deal tomorrow. Going through each of these move, here’s my opinion on the moves made by the respective teams:

Brian McCann signs with the New York Yankees for 5/$85MM with option to make it 6/$100MM

Let’s start with something we can probably all agree on. This will not happen:

I know Turner Field and Yankee Stadium are different:

McCann will get more games played with the DH rule that the American League, but I’m not sure we can guarantee he will be playing 150 games mercilessly blasting the AL East and everything in his way. I’m not saying McCann won’t be good or he isn’t an upgrade, because those are both opinions I don’t believe. He just won’t be doing 35-40 HR-insanity, and he should be a great improvement over Chris Stewart, as much as I love him and his name.

We are all wondering what the Yankees will do with their top prospect Gary Sanchez, whom MLB.com has an ETA of 2015. There’s nothing that says the Yanks have to get rid of Sanchez, but there is merit in selling him at his current point. I believe there is more merit in believing you can’t have too much depth and keeping the kid. I don’t mind the Yankees holding on to Sanchez and waiting to see what 2014 brings.

The money is high, but how many other catchers can provide what McCann does that are on the market? Good deal for the Bombers.

Angels sign RHP Joe Smith to 3/$15MM

General Manager Jerry DiPoto needs to stop watching Giants GM Brian Sabean throw out three year contracts to relievers, even if this may be chump change to an organization throwing out unreal contracts to the likes of Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton. Let someone else make the mistake of giving a reliever three years. It should not be that difficult to build a bullpen, although there certainly are organizations that make it look difficult. I’m not talking about establishing bullpen depth in the minors, I’m just talking about building your six-seven man bullpen. Smith’s ERA and FIP are noticeably different, so you wonder if/when it will catch up to him. We all like getting relievers that have performed in the past on the team we love to support, but the contract is too long. Also, I wish I became a MLB reliever. Easy millions.

Jhonny Peralta finds a home in St. Louis for 4 years, $52 million

If you want to get on your high horse on PEDs, that’s fine and everything. You have your beliefs that PEDs, and I have mine. I guess you could say this would be along the lines of mine:

Back to the deal, the Cardinals got a player that plays the shortstop position, and maybe even the outfield, and perhaps a corner position, and did not have to trade anybody to get him. They also will be sending the Detroit Tigers a thank you note for not giving Peralta a qualifying offer, which really is beyond me. Even if Peralta is a shortstop whose range is not loved by fans, how many players out on the market are listed as a shortstop and can do a bit with the bat?

Ridiculous, Detroit. Ridiculous. St. Louis has the luxury of taking advantage of their young team (therefore lower payroll), so they can afford to do a little spending, but I thought this was a little much. Even with his 11.0 fWAR over the last three years, my gut is scared of this deal for it not working out. Probably going against my brain, this deal makes me uncomfortable.

Dan Haren lives in Southern California, signs with Dodgers for 1 year, $10MM

One year deal? Hard to not like that, no matter which arbitrary endpoints you want to use to describe Dan Haren’s 2013 season.

The internet loves this deal, and I find it hard not to. I guess the only way you hate this deal is either:

  1. You believe it’s too much money or
  2. Dan Haren has insulted you, your friends, or your family

He has an option vesting if he throws 180 innings, something he hasn’t done since 2011. Doesn’t mean he can’t do it, but for someone whose average velocity is done being in the 90’s, if Haren doesn’t adjust, the NL West will look forward to Dan Haren days when they and the Dodgers lock horns. Quick take from the Dodgers catcher:

Like the internet, I like this deal from a baseball management perspective. From a Giants-Dodgers rivalry perspective, I do not like this deal.

This was a pretty fun weekend for baseball fans, considering it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and the Winter Meetings haven’t happened yet, Robinson Cano doesn’t have a team, Masahiro Tanaka hasn’t even started deciding between three bids — will he even get that freedom is actually still unknown, and David Price hasn’t been traded. Lots of off-season left to go.

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