#SFGiants Bring Back RHP Ryan Vogelsong on One Year Deal

The San Francisco Giants, after signing Tim Hudson to a deal, decided to turn their focus on landing their #5 pitcher, be it Ryan Vogelsong, a different in-house option, someone on the market, or finding another pitcher in a trade. Apparently, the Giants have decided that Ryan Vogelsong was their best option:

The Giants rotation is now something along the lines of:

  1. RHP Matt Cain
  2. LHP Madison Bumgarner
  3. RHP Tim Lincecum
  4. RHP Tim Hudson
  5. RHP Ryan Vogelsong

Originally the Giants had a $6.5MM option for him for 2014, but opted out, paying him $300,000 for the chance for them to explore their options for a better pitcher. Instead, it seems they could be paying more than their original option should Ryan Vogelsong first pass his physical to seal the deal, then summon his inner 2011 and 2012 seasons to earn more than what he was originally scheduled to earn.

2013 for Ryan Vogelsong saw him pitch in the World Baseball Classic and struggle in the regular season before coming back to being the Vogey we all know and love, before suffering a broken hand on a swinging HBP vs. the Nationals while he had a 6-0 lead on them:

The rest of the year he spent recovering and working to get that hand strength back, so even when he was reinstated and pitching again, he wasn’t the 100% Ryan Vogelsong we’ve been used to. What can you say about this deal? The Giants apparently didn’t like what they saw in Yusmeiro Petit, Edwin Escobar, or even Chad Gaudin enough to say to them, “You’re our #5 guy,” so if any of them are on the 25-man Opening Day Roster, it’s probably as a bullpen option. I know I can’t necessarily think of better, cheaper #5 options for the Giants that were out on the market, but I can’t say I’m thrilled or angry at this move. I’ve accepted it, and am OK with it. I believe the contributions Vogelsong can make for the Giants aren’t done yet, and this will be the last year he works his stuff with the Giants. If he can’t get that velocity back though while not improving his control+command, he’ll be pushed out of the rotation in favor of Petit or Escobar, should they still be around.

The Giants will now be turning their attention to filling out the rest of their roster, with their biggest goal of being acquiring a platoon partner for Gregor Blanco. Beat writers have said they expect the Giants to do so through trade, rather than free agency. The Winter Meetings, where baseball executives get together, will be held December 9-12 in Orlando, FL.

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