BS News: Press Conference and Reaction of Sabean’s Words from Wednesday

Ryan Vogelsong officially signed his one-year deal and went into what I consider to be predictable Vogelsong-isms that talked about his reactions to his option being turned down and how he has a chip on his shoulder, quotes that don’t surprise you, really. It was the non-Ryan Vogelsong portion of today’s press conference with General Manager Brian Sabean that got more Giants fans listening to what was going on.

On the bullpen:

I don’t really think the Giants need to look far to fill in some of their spots as I have faith in Jake Dunning and Heath Hembree to start doing work on an annual basis for the AT&Ters.  On Brandon Belt playing or moving to Left Field:

A player playing his position that he’s practiced. Imagine that. This does bring up the point that I saw floated across social media that Belt probably sits when Buster Posey is “taking a day off” and playing first. 

On the magnitude of free agent signings: 

Funny how quickly money you’ve budgeted out for your team can disappear. It’s also funny how similar the team from 2014 is looking to 2013. 2014 will be the “We’ve seen this before” story, and it’s either going to be a lot of fun, or it’s going to be 2011 and 2013 all over again.

On possible Tanaka pursuit with rumored new posting considerations:

Plus, if the proposed $20MM max to post is approved, Masahiro Tanaka may not even make it over to the United States until his contract is up with the Japan Champions Rakuten Golden Eagles. His team has the right to not post, so any dreams you have of the Giants competing with a $20MM cap, I’d temper them, because that system is not an attractive offer for the NPB.

Back to left field:

Given that “high-ticket” FA are out, we’re going to be looking much cheaper. The free agent pool really doesn’t have a lot to offer, so if there’s going to be a trade, your guess is as good as mine. A lot of people are still pretty surprised about how the Giants and Francisco Peguero aren’t connected at the moment. We’ll see what comes of all this, but getting a good platoon partner for Gregor Blanco would give the Giants some good outfield depth that they were missing in 2013.

In the end, this was a press conference full of non-surprising tidbits, at least for me, and I think for a lot of people. Hard to find a chunk of the fanbase that’s frustrated with $150MM of spending, yet here we are.


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