Photo: Bruce Bochy Could Be Really Mean to Rich Renteria

Here’s a picture of the National League managers from the Winter Meetings:

Bruce Bochy is supposedly 6’3″ and Rich Renteria is 5’9″ all this according to Baseball Reference’s bio pages. Imagine if Bochy stole Renteria’s lunch money, or his cap, or stretched his arm way up high, stood up on his tippy-toes and told Renteria to give him a high five in order to get those stolen items back. That’d be pretty mean, and now I’ve made you think Bruce Bochy is a mean guy. I’ve never heard that. It makes me feel good that there is a manager in baseball that’s about my height (I’m not over 6′ tall).

Meanwhile in the American League, everybody seems to be around the same height.

Really looks like Bochy is way taller than Renteria, more than the half foot BRef has for them.


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