The Baseball Christmas Gift I’ll Never Get, Always Get, and May Get Someday

It’s December 25th, Merry Christmas to all. We’re not religious in this household for celebrating why Christmas is Christmas, but we do celebrate the giving and receiving, as well as the family togetherness traditions that come on a major holiday. Instead of making this post about things I want and things I don’t want, or things I get or don’t get in general, I’m making this one baseball-oriented (shocker!). In my world, everything is better with baseball. Can it make me sad? Yes, but I’d rather be in the middle of a 100-game losing streak in July than be in December with no baseball. Just like with regular Christmas wishing, your list is going to be different from mine. Now, to the main content:

The Baseball Christmas Gift I’ll Never Get

  • Season Tickets — I live in North San Diego County, 45 miles from the nearest professional baseball stadium, and in the short-term there, have no plans to get significantly closer. Even if something unexpected were to happen and I move back to Long Beach or San Jose, a season ticket expense, especially for the Giants, isn’t something reasonable nor is it something I expect my significant other to blow a month or two month’s worth of wages on — and that’s just for one person’s rations.

The Baseball Christmas Gift I’ll Always Get

  • The reminders of the success of the Giants in 2010 and 2012 — Flags fly forever, and it is a beautiful thing. Unless the Dodgers win, then it will be beautiful and annoying.

The Baseball Christmas Gift I May Get Someday

  • This one is a maybe because I could see this happening, but this would be a very special occasion gift: Fantasy Camp — Every January the Giants have a fantasy camp in Arizona that involves former players and coaches and you get to pretend to be a member of the Giants and play baseball games, wear the uniform. Instead of living vicariously through my kids, I can kind of live a dream myself. My wife knows about how I’d love to do this, so maybe someday…

I think it’s good to have things to aspire towards, while also having events you can reminisce on. Keeps you honest and working hard. On a separate and final note, I hope you and yours have a wonderful set of holidays. Enjoy!


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