Guillermo Moscoso Eats Innings in 2013, Wins Contract with Yokohama Bay Stars

Guillermo Moscoso, acquired in a trade from the Chicago Cubs during the 2013 season, started two games and pitched in thirteen games for the Giants. He built up an ERA over 5, and a negative fWAR, as well as an abysmal 16.4% walk rate. In a surprise to probably nobody, he could not find guaranteed work on a Major League roster, and so he has agreed to a deal with the Yokohoma Bay Stars. The article cites his win-loss record, career ERA, and record with the Giants among notable stats. The article also mentioned his jersey number has not been decided upon yet.

30 years old, hopefully Moscoso finds some success across the ocean and wasn’t completely awful in AAA in 2013, so maybe he can help fill out the back-end of the rotation for Yokohama. While I am glad I don’t have to worry about him coming on to pitch for the team I root for, I wish him all the best.


One comment

  1. KG

    That’s one move that frustrated me a bit last season. At the point when the Giants acquired Moscoso, there season was all but lost. I would have much rather the Giants used his spot to get a better look at Surkamp. With his (Surkamp) recent DFA, it’s pretty apparent the front office didn’t think much of him, but I really did feel like there was an opportunity to see what he had to offer down the stretch.

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