From #62 to #25 on the platform: Thanks to the Readers

It would be something if the blog were #62 or #25 on the whole internet for baseball stuffs, but you and I know it’s not. Still, there are a lot of aspiring writers and plenty working hard to get noticed. So that even on this platform I am able to rank on it, I am humbled that people have stopped by, that they have subscribed, and commented on something my then-girlfriend and now-wife suggested I do because she knew I was interested in sharing my thoughts on baseball.

Last year, I was happy to be in the Top 100 at #62, and it was with great happiness that I saw I climbed the ladder to #25, even with taking a couple months to be a co-editor with my friends over at Around the Foghorn. I cannot maintain the dedication to writing daily like I did at AtF on this site, but I still want to write. As long as I’m being a school counselor down here in North County San Diego, I realize that the difficulty of my dream of getting into an MLB Press Box has gone way up due to my lack of free time, and since this blog doesn’t pay the bills and I enjoy my full-time job, I’m OK with that. By no means am I done, though my frequency in posts may go down, I do hope to write a lot in 2014 about topics that I am happy to post.

So, thank you, to everybody that’s helped me climb the ladder on the platform. For your subscriptions, your link clicking, and encouraging me to do something I enjoy, even if I’ll never be up at the ranks of someone at Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, ESPN, or any bigger news company. I hope I become a better baseball fan this year, learning more about the history of the game, and being better at analyzing what’s happening and has happened. I hope you will help me and I encourage you to always leave comments or engage with me on twitter to talk baseball.

To a great 2014.



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