Per @JeffPassan, Brandon Belt and #SFGiants $1.6MM apart

Arbitration deals have reportedly been done for Tony Abreu, Gregor Blanco, and Yusmeiro Petit. Meanwhile, in the other two realms of San Francisco Giants and arbitration:

Settling on the mid-point for $1.3MM doesn’t seem like the worst compromise for the penny-pinching now money-saving Giants. Arias has been a good utility guy for the Giants, but the clock may be running out on him, both for offensive ability reasons and if Joe Panik can be a useful utility infielder, perhaps Arias becomes less relevant. One of the bigger differences in the arbitration number swap comes courtesy of Brandon Belt and the San Francisco Giants:

As a proud member of Team Not My Money, either of those numbers for Belt are great, and would set up nicely for a multi-year deal to buy out his arbitration years, and maybe even a free agent year. Imagine the possibilities with $3MM in 2014, and then maybe somewhere around $25MM for the next three. With $2.05MM as the base in 2014, that sets it up for even cheaper, and that’s nice, also.

We’ll see if the Giants go to arbitration with Belt (I’m going to assume they work something out with the other guy, Arias), but if they’re $1.6MM apart, maybe they can use this as fuel for the multi-year deal. I remember when the Giants did this when they were millions apart with Tim Lincecum back in 2012. It was kind of sweet how they did it, even if it did eat up a large chunk of the payroll, which Brandon Belt will not.

Is Belt the greediest guy in the arbitration playhouse? Absolutely

not. We shall see how this all plays out in the coming weeks.


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