#SFGiants Moves: Joaquin Gets Two, San Francisco Gets Another Huff

No. Not that Huff.

Let’s go chronologically through the moves, though. First, you have Joaquin Arias, 29 year old utility infielder that debuted eight years ago when he put up a .545/.583/.636 line (in twelve plate appearances). That guy got two years and two-point-six million dollars from the Giants. Let that be a lesson to you, kids. If you can play defense all over the infield and hit a little bit, you can still be a millionaire. If Arias had put up another year like he did in 2013, he probably would have been due for a raise again, and so in the end, the Giants probably saved some hundreds of thousands of dollars. Which may help them afford the reliever they pay millions later. Potentially good move.

Kobe Bryant also got two years from his team recently. Coincidence? Yes. Coincidence.

Then there was this late Friday afternoon:

Cue all your Aubrey Huff jokes. Go ahead, get them out of your system.

Ok, now that you’re done, here’s a video of David Huff pitching against the Astros:

Can throw a fastball in the low-90’s, so he’s got that going for him. He’s started fifty-four games in his career, while pitching in sixty-nine games, pitching in the bigs since 2009. Began his career with the Indians, was with the Yankees for a little bit, the Yanks designated Huff for assignment on Wednesday, and then the Giants made a move for him. You’ll remember that in 2013 it was quite obvious the Giants had no depth at the starting pitching position. If everybody’s healthy in 2014, they’ll have Huff and Yusmeiro Petit waiting in the wings to spot start. Assuming Mike Kickham gets better, he’ll be in line as well.

Also, Jose Mijares signed with the Red Sox, so he gets to watch another ring ceremony at the beginning of the season if he breaks camp with them. Just doesn’t get a ring this time. Best of luck to you, Mijares.


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